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The Washington Post Talks with NHA Director Curtis Watkins About “Safe Passage” Walks

NHA Community Change Agent

On September 15, 2011, The Washington Post interviewed the Director of Phelps Stokes‘ National Homecomers Academy Program, Curtis A. Watkins about  the great work of NHA’s Community Change Agents as they participate in morning patrols aimed at giving kids ‘Safe Passage’ to school in the DC area.

The article mentions that four times a week, Curtis Watkins and a group of National Homecomers also known as NHA Community Change agents walk the streets of Marshall Heights and Lincoln Heights in Ward 7, greeting students and making sure that the students arrive to their designated school safely.

Read the recent Washington Post article “In Ward 7, Men’s Morning Patrols Aimed at Giving Kids ‘Safe Passage’ to School” to find out more about the interview with Director of the National Homecomers Academy, Curtis A. Watkins. For the latest information about the National Homecomers Academy, visit www.phelpsstokes.org/About_NHA or contact Mr. Watkins at CWatkins@PhelpsStokes.org.


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Phelps Stokes’ Programs for Africa & Freedowm Endowment’s June 2011 Palaver Hut Preview

Each month, Phelps Stokes’ Programs for Africa and Freedom Endowment (PAFE) hosts a Palaver Hut.  What is a Palaver Hut you say? Well, Palaver Huts encourage a lively discussion about a series of issues and topics dealing with Africa.  Phelps Stokes has interviewed Abigail Simmons of the Programs for Africa & Freedom Endowment (PAFE)  about this upcoming Palaver Hut on “How Grassroots Philanthropy Can Positively Impact Children’s Education.”

Show Phelps Stokes’ Programs for Africa & Freedom Endowment some support by attending the Palaver Hut series on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at the Club Quarters Hotel in Washington, D.C. (839 17th Street).  The panelists for this month’s event are Nick Zemura, Founder of Mirazvo Productions; Jean-Patrick Guichard, Founder and CEO of Guichard Solutions;  and Rahel Getachew, Founder and Managing Director of Afrolehar.

Phelps Stokes’ Programs for Africa & Freedom Endowment focuses closely on education initiatives in Africa.  For more information on this month’s Palaver Hut, contact Abigail Simmons at asimmons@phelpsstokes.org. For more information about the Programs for Africa & Freedom Endowment, visit www.phelpsstokes.org. Watch the video tell us what you think!

Tweet the Hastag #PAFEPalaverHut if you will be attending this month’s Palaver Hut!

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