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Recent African Graduates Aren’t Too Different from US Graduates

By Phelps Stokes Team

According to www.allAfrica.com, recent American graduates have something in common with Rwandan graduates, unemploymentThe US economy has made it difficult for most recent grads to infiltrate the marketplace in America.  This is a shared experience for recent grads in Rwanda.  A 26 year-old college graduate from the National University of Rwanda (NUR) was unemployed for two years.  His major was Applied Statistics. There are more in need of jobs than there are jobs available in Rawanda.  Also, the job creation rate is not matching the number of potential employment seekers.  There is an influx of young adults leaving their rural communities. They believe the city will provide them with a better life.

Professor Silas Lwakabamba, a professor at NUR, believes that the creation of a job center would bridge the gap between employers and college graduates.  He also believes that the usage of entrepreneurial programs will help the students gain a new skill set.  This would be a skill set they could use to become self-employed. Rwanda’s Minister of Labor encourages graduates to look outside of popular city centers for employment.  He remarked that there are many jobs available in more rural parts of the country.

For more information about this topic, visit www.allAfrica.com.


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