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Colombian President Takes Note of Disparities for Afro-Colombians

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According to an article on ColombiaReports.com, Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos announced the creation of a bill that will support the fair treatment of Afro-Colombians. The Law of Equal Opportunities for Afro-Colombian Peoples will present the bill to congress on July 20, 2011. July 20th marks Colombia’s Independence Day and the beginning of a new parliamentary year. The government first made steps to criminalize racism in November of 2010.  Individuals convicted of racism would have to spend up to six months in jail or pay a fine of $4,000.

Many Afro-Colombians live in poverty and don’t have access to proper education. The situation in Colombia is reminiscent of a 1950s America. Santos feels that it is Colombia’s duty to right the wrongs of the past. Santos has also created a program entitled, “The Presidential Program for the Integral Development of Black Communities.” The program will be dedicated to finding resolutions to help mediate the problems facing Afro-Colombians.

For more information about this topic visit http://ColombiaReports.com.


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“This is My Territory”: The Afro-Colombian Experience

By The Phelps Stokes Team

This is My Territory is an Afro-Colombian group consisting of 27 members.  It is a group of young people who once struggled  with  hunger, violence, homelessness, but they have all come together to create music.  They believe that music is an apt medium to spread their message and the central message is that they are fighting for their land.  With no place to call home, many young adults live like nomads in Colombia.

The band was created last December at an urban music festival.  The event was created to allow youths the opportunity to speak out against the violence in Buenaventura.  Buenaventura acts as a haven for those displaced by violence between illegal armed groups.  There are about 75,500 displaced Colombians living in Buenaventura.

The family structure in Colombia has been affected as a result of the violence. One of the group members was displaced in 2006, he expressed that it was easier to leave his home than to fight off the rebels.  The displaced youths have had a limited education and struggle on a daily basis. Never admitting defeat, the young people are rallying to work in the building of homes and public projects to further establish a community.

For more information about This is My Territory, visit www.trust.org.

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