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The Stigma of Educated Girls in Uganda

By The Phelps Stokes Team

Map of Karamoja region including new districts

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Kotido Girls Primary School was built to encourage more girls to attend school. The school is located in Kotido which is an older area of Karamoja. Karamoja is considered to be the least developed part of Uganda. In many parts of the world, girls do not receive the same education as boys. Kotido Girls Primary School was created in efforts to change the way in which girls received education in Uganda, but a recent surveyed showed that there are more boys at Kotido Primary School than girls. Many families are not allowing their daughters to attend school. A misconception amongst some in Uganda is that girls will not get married if they receive an education. It is perceived that girls who attend school will get a smaller dowry or will not get married at all. Education is seen as an investment that doesn’t guarantee returns.  Marriage is sometimes associated with wealth, so many families in

Uganda prefer to marry their daughters off.  Uganda’s The Independent, reports that only 10 percent of all children in the region finish school.

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