Phelps Stokes’ Programs for Africa & Freedom Endowment is  program that focuses on the needs of those under-served communities in Africa.


Phelps Stokes in partnership with foundation Cheikh Anta Diop (FUCAD) and University Cheikh Anta Diop in Senegal has initiated the Senegalese Education Trust (SENETRUST) to fund and allow UCAD and its students to increase the quality of research and learning. 

Khidma Foundation

Phelps Stokes partners with foundation Khidma, Senegal to create a Children Education Trust (ChildEduT).  ChildEduT will fund primary and secondary education in Senegal and will enhance available education and make schooling financially possible for disadvantaged youth.


International Ethical Leadership Program (IELP)

An ongoing mentor-mentee program in which established African leaders are paired with young, emerging leaders, regardless of the field to promote character, civility, and community. IELP addresses three dimensions of ethical life: Psychological, Social and Spiritual in respect to: Character (self), the narrative script that defines the individual; Civility (social), the character in social and public spaces; and Community (spiritual), a sense of community represents the spiritual/holistic dimension.

MBA Leadership Program (MBAL)

Students create a business plan that incorporates new technology and skills to a traditional organization. After 18 months, PAFE will evaluate the impact of the business plan.

Global Ambassadors Program (GAP)

Global ambassadors are selected/appointed young African leaders around the world who share Phelps Stokes’ vision, mission and values. They serve as spokesperson for Phelps Stokes’ Programs for Africa in their country of residence. In addition to serving as the first contact person and a member of the international team, Global Ambassadors, also assist Phelps stokes’ Programs for Africa in designing, implementing and evaluating educational leadership and community building programs.

Meet the Global Ambassadors!

Search for Afro-descendant Emerging Leaders (SEAL)

A series of activities and events that lead to the selection of the best Afro-descendant young talents in arts, music, journalism, sports, and then connect them with and celebrities who serve as role model/mentor.

Women’s Leadership in Politics and Business (WLPB)

Provides women with skills and professional connections to participate in the electoral process. It advocates for them to break the glass ceiling and take on responsibility in African governments and businesses.      

IT and Training

Online Community Radio Program (OCRP)

Broadcasting & Music Production Program that gives women and girls a voice in their community to express their concerns about their lives and develop their leadership potential.

Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN)

Yearly workshop held around the world bring together innovative youth engaged in agriculture and entrepreneur.  By having a series of networking and showcasing fairs and skill building workshops, conferences improve agricultural skills, business/entrepreneurial skills, allow for the collection of data of youth farmers and successful practices, provide necessary data to form policy suggestions designed to support youth and agricultural entrepreneurship.

Service Learning and Citizenship

Global Citizenship and Ethical Leadership Program (GCELP)

College student exchange program in which African and African American students are paired with mentors and travel abroad in order to develop their senses of ethical leadership and global citizenship, and to build bridges of understanding between African and African American communities.

African Newcomers Orientation (ANO)

Partners with the immigration department and US and African embassies to make sure every single African student, diplomat, and professional in every city in the US has somebody who will meet them at the airport or be available when they arrive. PAFE provides ESL classes, city tours, cultural classes, citizenship information, and educational and professional options, as well as connects newcomers with their specific African communities in the States.

Finding Common Sacred Ground (FCSG)

Religious leaders come together, identify commonalities, and use their religious texts to identify the elements that promote human development, collaboration, and co-habitation. School of forgiveness and reconciliation to promote peace.

Media and Democracy in Africa (MDA)

Provides young African journalists with skills and networks to be independent and objective in their reporting and trains political leaders to become public servants. Ultimately, politicians will be held accountable to journalists, and journalists will be held accountable to the public.  

Advocacy and Social Mobilization

Palaver Hut

A panel discussion/ platform where community organizers, activists, political leaders, diplomats, nonprofit professionals, scholars, students, and researchers meet monthly to discuss changes, strategies for action, new initiatives, and other issues specific to Africa.  The monthly roundtable discussions also serve as a “think tank” for Africans to create joint projects and a networking platform.

See upcoming Palaver Huts.

Volunteer and Intern Program (VIP)

The VIP serves a platform on which recent graduates get internship opportunities and apply theoretical skills in real life situations, and for young and retired professionals to give back to community and acquire next skills and connections.


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