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Phelps Stokes’ Programs for Latin America & the Caribbean Launches 2nd Cycle of International Legal Clinics

Phelps Stokes’ Programs for Latin America and the Caribbean launched the second cycle of the International Legal Clinics Seminars in Bogota and Quibdó, Colombia during the week of October 10.  These seminars conducted in conjunction with Howard University Law School and the Fulbright Commission-Colombia and sponsored by USAID-Colombia, aim to share the US experience during the Civil Rights Movement with Afro-Colombian university students throughout Colombia.  Presenters discussed the history of the US Civil Rights Movement and how any lessons learned during that time might be applicable to the Colombian context, or not.  The seminars also included a leadership development component which focuses on “Leadership for Social Change.”

Students participating in the Bogota seminar hailed from San Andres/Providencias, Chocó, Tumaco, and other parts of Colombia.  Students participating in the Quibdó seminars hailed from all parts of Chocó.  The next installment of the seminars will take place in the spring in Cali and Cartagena, Colombia.


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The Washington Post Talks with NHA Director Curtis Watkins About “Safe Passage” Walks

NHA Community Change Agent

On September 15, 2011, The Washington Post interviewed the Director of Phelps Stokes‘ National Homecomers Academy Program, Curtis A. Watkins about  the great work of NHA’s Community Change Agents as they participate in morning patrols aimed at giving kids ‘Safe Passage’ to school in the DC area.

The article mentions that four times a week, Curtis Watkins and a group of National Homecomers also known as NHA Community Change agents walk the streets of Marshall Heights and Lincoln Heights in Ward 7, greeting students and making sure that the students arrive to their designated school safely.

Read the recent Washington Post article “In Ward 7, Men’s Morning Patrols Aimed at Giving Kids ‘Safe Passage’ to School” to find out more about the interview with Director of the National Homecomers Academy, Curtis A. Watkins. For the latest information about the National Homecomers Academy, visit or contact Mr. Watkins at

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