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Earthquake-proof Schools Spring up in Haiti

After the shocking earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, many schools were heavily damaged. During the earthquake, many students were killed in schools that collapsed. Four earthquake-proof schools are under construction in Port-au-Prince. The structures are also expected to hold up against hurricanes as well. The schools are made of rebar, cement, and foam to allow the structure to bend and not collapse in the event of a severe hurricane or earthquake. Many students have yet to go back to school since the devastating earthquake.

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Twitter Hopes to Make a Positive Change on the Information Highway

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Twitter is slowing becoming more and more popular. Twitter was created in 2006 and has earned its title of, “The SMS of the Internet.” Twitter states, “At Twitter, we believe that the open exchange of information can have a positive global impact. Every day we are inspired by stories of people using Twitter to help make the world a better place in unexpected ways.” Several non- profits and community organizers have used Twitter as a way of spreading their message worldwide. Twitter was inspired to create, “hope140”. Hope 140 is a campaign of sorts to encourage more non-profits to join the SMS based site. The name plays off the 140 characters limit of every tweet.

@RoomtoRead is the perfect example of how to use Twitter for a good cause. Room to Read is an educational based program that started in Nepal. The program, that started in 2000, now works in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zambia.

It is organizations like, Room to Read, that have benefited tremendously from Twitter. Twitter hopes that more and more positive organizations will use Twitter as a platform.

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