About Phelps Stokes

Phelps Stokes has 100 years of experience and is distinguished by a rich history of promoting social justice in Africa and the Americas, often ahead of its time and despite hostility, resistance, and a relatively small endowment. One of our founding objectives 100 years ago and today is overcome inequities in education, to benefit women, African Americans, Native Americans, Afrodescents, in the Americas, and Africans in Africa. Landmark institutions that can trace their roots to support from Phelps Stokes include the United Negro College Fund, American Indian Higher Education Consortium, and numerous Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Phelps Stokes hopes to foster a new generation of global leaders from marginalized communities and build a global network of individuals and community organizations dedicated to creating positive and social change for under-served and under-resourced communities worldwide.

Phelps Stokes currently hosts 5 programs within our organization: Programs for Latin America (PLAC) and the Caribbean, Programs for Africa & Freedom Endowment (PAFE), the International Exchange Program (IEP) – International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP), The National Homecomers Academy (NHA) and Special Projects – Tea Cups and The Ralph Bunche Societies. Phelps Stokes is also hosting the Study of United States Institute (SUSI) Students for Leaders Program.

For more information about the Phelps Stokes programs visit. www.phelpstokes.org.


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