Sesame Square to Debut in Nigeria

By Phelps Stokes Team

For many young American children, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) was a source of home education. The PBS programs Sesame Street, Arthur, Mister Rodgers Neighborhood, and Barney teaches children how to share, count, and recite ABC’s.  Sesame Street has been running for over 40 years in America

Nigeria has recently launched its own version of the popular children-educational program. The show is entitled, “Sesame Square.” The show has Big Bird, with a Nigerian accent; and the show also has a HIV-positive puppet named Kami. The show is not only focused on academics, but social education as well.  Malaria kills approximately 300,000 people a year in Nigeria, so some of the focus is placed on Malaria prevention.

The American Free Press (AFP) interviewed Yemisi Ilo, the Executive Producer of “Sesame Square” and she mentions that Statistics show that at the end of the day malaria and HIV kills more people in this part of the world than anything else. The series is already slated for 3 seasons.  The first season is called, “We Can.”   The season will focus on empowering Nigerian children. US ambassador to Nigeria Terence McCulley hopes, Sesame Square will “inspire children to perceive learning as fun and a necessary pathway to success, and to echo President Obama’s ‘Yes, We Can’.”


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